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Rolex Generic Crown "Daytona" Ø7.0mm SS

Rolex Generic Crown "Daytona" Ø7.0mm SS

  • £44.68 GBP


This is NOT an authentic Rolex/Tudor part

        All Rolex Generic case parts are manufactured in Switzerland to the original specification.

        Unless fitting with the Rolex tool, certain models will need the internal diameter of the pendant tube to be slightly broach out to allow the crown to fit.


            Tap .90mm
            Crown Ø7.00mm
            Crown Depth Ø3.80mm
            Internal Thread Ø5.00mm
            Overall Length 7.80mm
            Stainless Steel
            Rolex Generic Crown, Diameter 7.0mm (Daytona) (24.703.0) S.S
            Tube Supplied Separately Ref: C8363
            Swiss made


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