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Polywatch Watch Protector Kit

Polywatch Watch Protector Kit

  • £26.99 GBP

Polywatch Watch Protector

The Watch Protector by polyWatch offers long lasting and highly effective protection from dirt, germs, oil, fat, fingerprints, dust & much much more.

The nanotechnology employed by polyWatch gives your surface a hydrophobic & oleophobic effect, meaning the surface is protected and remains easy to clean.

The innovative solution: polyWatch WATCH PROTECTOR.

  • Absolutely invisible Premium Nano-Tech-Sealing (Liquid-Glass-Technology)
  • 3 dimensional High-Tech-Matrix for improved hydrophobic effect
  • Provides a hygienic surface with Easy-to-Clean-Effect
  • Dirt, dust & oil repellent (oleophobic)
  • Anti-fingerprint feature
  • No more water spots
  • Prevents from light scratches
  • Versatile protection also for digital cameras, smart watches and phones, as well as their backsides which are made of glass
  • Quick, easy and bubble-free application
  • Exceptionally durable: sealing lasts up to 12 months
  • Extraordinarily economical: enough for several watches
  • 2-component-system. Step 1: fat free cleaning of surface, Step 2: application of high-performance sealer
  • Available in single packs or counter top display of 6 packs
  • See video link above

Included in each pack:
  • 2 sealer-sets
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 1 pair of gloves

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