Omega X-33 Extractor Tube Set –
Omega X-33 Extractor Tube Set

Omega X-33 Extractor Tube Set

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Omega 5100051

Used for Seamaster X-33 Crown & Pusher Tubes, Helium Valve and De-Ville Co-Axial Tubes
Instructions for Use
Take the Extractor in the hand wrench
Insert the extractor inside the screwed Tube
Force the extractor while turning Anti Clockwise
With the help of the extractor
Pull out the screwed tube in the direction it rotates
Then screw out
Once separated from the watch case
Release the screwed tube from the extractor
Block the body firmly with pliers and turn extractor clockwise
Remove the titanium gasket
Gasket can be released with small screwdriver
By pressing from inside of it's seating
Clean the residues of glue in the hole with a tap
Burrs and remaining glue inside case clean with Mill Cutter
Fit New Titanium gasket on the screw tube
Cover the thread of the new screw tube with
Loctite 243 ( Product Code C20803 )
And screw it with specific key in the middle of case
  • Allow to dry 24 hours

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