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Cuckoo Clock Weight

Cuckoo Clock Weight

  • £22.81 GBP

  • Cast iron with bronze varnish finish.
  • Sold Singly
  • Antique Finish
  • Tradition Shape & Colouring

    Weights: Overall length x Max Diameter Ø

    • 80g: 75mm x Ø20mm
    • 150g: 90mm x Ø22mm
    • 200g: 105mm x Ø25mm
    • 250g: 115mm x Ø25mm
    • 275g: 120mm x Ø25mm
    • 320g: 125mm x Ø25mm
    • 350g: 125mm x Ø30mm
    • 375g: 135mm x Ø30mm
    • 420g: 135mm x Ø30mm
    • 500g: 140mm x Ø30mm
    • 630g: 170mm x Ø33mm
    • 750g: 170mm x Ø35mm
    • 875g: 170mm x Ø40mm
    • 1000g: 190mm x Ø40mm
    • 1260g: 175mm x Ø45mm
    • 1500g: 190mm x Ø45mm
    • 1750g: 220mm x Ø45mm

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