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Going Cuckoo about Cuckoo Weight

Posted by Andy Morse on

How to calculate your Cuckoo Clock weights ????

We are selling more and more cuckoo clock parts. I guess people have been fixing old clocks during the lockdown and I am getting asked a lot more questions about cuckoo clock parts 

The most common is how to calculate the cuckoo weight. 

Well firstly the weight needed really depends on what characters you are moving on your clock as each character requires extra uuumph  from heavier weights to move it.


A simple 1 day cuckoo clock requires 2 weights, one for the clock and one to power the animations. The most common weight for a 1 days basic clock is the 275 gram and 1000 gram for the 8 day basic clock.

I saw this great advise on the NAWCC.org website which I am sure the author wont mind me sharing 


What I've found works for determining workable weights is a pile of lead fishing weights. I string enough of them together to get the clock to run, then remove some until the bird gets stuck half way out. Then add enough to get the bird going again. Weigh the pile and order a pine cone weight to match. That gives you enough weight to drive the clock without too heavy of a load to create wear and tear.


I hope this advice is helpful for you all ))))

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